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Makeup Artistry

Platinum Makeup

-A full-coverage, detailed and contoured application, dramatic eye makeup with heavier eyeliner, defined blush and highlight, statement lip/gloss, faux lashes, etc.

Gold Makeup

-A medium-coverage, light contoured application with moderate eye makeup, incorporating natural tones, slight pop of color or smokey eye, moderate use of eyeliner, blush/bronzer, lip color with faux lashes.

Silver Makeup

-A fresh-faced, light to medium coverage application, blush/bronzer, eyeshadow, subtle eyeliner, lip color and mascara with a natural faux lash if desired. This service is ideal for mature skin and those who do not typically wear makeup.

Bronze Makeup

-A light coverage application, single or double shade eyeshadow softly blended, mascara, light blush/bronzer and lip color. No contour or faux lashes, minimal to no eyeliner.

Hair Styling

Platinum Hair

-Very detailed styling, sleek and elegant up-style, side swept, low moderately textured or sleek chignon, specialty braids, vintage curls, etc.

Gold Hair

-Full head curls or beach waves side swept with a light design or half up, adding light braiding, curled or classic chignons, softly styled low buns, top ballerina buns, etc.

Silver Hair

-French twist, basic low bun or side chignon, simple half up, ponytail style, no braiding, minimal texture, etc.

Bronze Hair

-Full head beach waves or curls styled down, smooth/thermal straightened, above shoulder bob/pixie styling, etc.

Child's Style (10 and under)

-Curls, light braiding, etc. Age-appropriate style.

Additional Information

-Bridal Previews are available for booked brides only and include both hair and makeup services. Single service appointments are available. Appointments will be held at our private studio in Jeffersonville, PA.

-Fees for on-location services such as travel, parking, overnight accommodations, etc. may apply.

*For all other event and salo​n services, please contact us directly.

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